would you have it any other way?

we are three chicks
we do art pretty ok
and this is our blag


No, but… check this out! 8D”

homestuck art challenge day one:
fave pre-scratch kid - john egbert!
seriously he’s such a cutie 
is this au thing annoying you yet

"now they’re just being mean"

people like my silly au?????? (thank you by the way if you do actually like this)
a certain cutie patootie (you know who you are !! uwehaoaoweh) asked me if i’d draw a solo picture of femcraig like i did for femtweek so here’s this!
you can barely tell who this is i am so sorry  - AH

and at last i see the light

this is rly gross it doesn’t even look like them??? i’m embarrassed and ashamed im gonna cry
anyway yeah more of that tangled crossover au thingy :’) - AH
i actually really REALLY dislike this??? but i’m not sure if i’ll redo it so„,
anyway, tangled crossover au thingamajig yeah yeah
femtweek is rapunzel! femcraig can be flynn mhm mhm - AH

"i’ll be the day to your night"

re posting the jade picture so i can add dave too!

color palettes from here: dave - jade

- AH

twinkle twinkle little star
how i wonder what you are!!! - AH

doodle! color palette from here!
nrgghghg quick doodle! i keep drawing harpytweek i am sorry - AH
ruby and harpytweek are bffsies!! yeah
she played a prank on him once, by putting an egg in his nest (which is made out of craig’s stuff!! nyehehee) while he was sleeping and
it didn’t end too well lmao - AH

"why is big bird in my backyard."

tweek the harpy!!!! yeah yeah
i don’t know how to draw birds and i’m in a rush so i couldn’t ref sorry
- AH